It might seem like you have to be a whiskey connoisseur to enjoy The Whiskey Rebellion Trail, but we’re here to debunk that theory. Sure, the protests that started The Whiskey Rebellion in the 1700’s were centered around the spirit, but today’s mid-Atlantic distillers are so much more than meets the eye. Bold and experimental liquors abound along the trail, and we recommend checking out these places in our passes that go beyond whiskey.

The Order Region

Boardroom Spirits: At Boardroom Spirits, the mission is to create flavorful spirits using ingredients grown locally in Pennsylvania. While you can find plenty of rave reviews about the smoked whiskey available here, it’s the gin and flavored vodkas that shine for patrons looking for smooth and refreshing sips.

Don’t miss: Ginger Vodka

Triple Sun Spirits Company: Of course, we have to plug the Pennsylvania corn whiskey, but the rum is really something special at Triple Sun Spirits Company. With different bartenders putting their spin on classic cocktails using rum distilled on-site, you’re sure to want to come back more than once to try the different incarnations of the rum punch.

Don’t miss: White Rum

The March Region 

Thistle Finch Distillery: The small batch White Rye Whiskey is award-winning, but patrons to this institution all agree that you have to step out of the box when you visit. Try new flavors. Try flavors you think you might not like. Why? You don’t want to miss out on something amazing – like the Pickle Martini made with Market Alley Gin. 

Don’t miss: Pickle martini

The Rebellion Region 

Maggie’s Farm Rum: Can you tell what this place is best known for? You guessed it. At Maggie’s Farm rum is king. Distilled from turbinado on 100% Spanish-made stills, the flavors of this liquor are out of this world and completely unique. Bonus points? The distillery is true to its roots of rebellion and was founded without the support of banks or venture capitalists. 

Don’t miss: Spiced Rum 

Quantum Spirits: If gin is calling your name then you must answer the call… at Quantum Spirits. The distilling process at Quantum cuts out the overly pine-y flavor that turns so many people off from the spirit and opens the taste up to be enjoyed by all. Technology, innovation and imagination fuel the drinks at Quantum; it’s a difference you can definitely taste. 

Don’t miss: Barrel Aged Gin 

The Finale Region 

Tenth Ward Distilling Company: The future is female, and this distillery proves it. Tenth Ward is owned and operated by amazing ladies wowing patrons with their whiskey that shines in seasonal creations embodying the flavor of fall, winter, spring and summer. That’s not all, though. Absinthe drinkers can rejoice that there is finally a place to enjoy this spirit in the region. 

Don’t miss: Absinthe

Don Ciccio & Figli: Sweet, savory and seasonal flavors await at this distillery where taste trumps all else. Patrons rave about the spirits imported from Italy and their ability to elevate cocktails, cooking and nightcaps alike. Capable of transporting your taste buds to the Amalfi Coast, we recommend a taster of everything! 

Don’t miss: Lemoncello 

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