About the Whiskey Rebellion Trail

It’s often said that visitors don’t see city limit signs when they travel; they’re simply on the hunt for their next great destination discovery. This idea inspired several city, state and regional destination marketing organizations to partner with craft distilleries and cultural institutions throughout the mid-Atlantic to create The Whiskey Rebellion Trail.

An experience like no other, the trail combines passes that spotlight the history of the region and celebrate the award-winning craft spirit scene. Utilizing the Destination Experience Engine (DXE) created by technology partner Bandwango, The Whiskey Rebellion Trail offers 15 different passes that feature over 50 distilleries and cultural attractions.

The Whiskey Rebellion Trail is the result of years of hard work, partnership and creativity culminating in passes available for purchase. Travelers looking to map their trip through Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania can now customize their travel with 1-Day, 3-Day, 90-Day and Annual pass options that aim to inspire day trips, weekend travel, long-haul road trips and more.

A three year initiative, The Whiskey Rebellion Trail was envisioned and led by Meredith Meyer Grelli, co-founder of Wigle Whiskey in Pittsburgh, with early leadership and support from Craig Davis, CEO of Visit Pittsburgh, as well as partners at Visit Philadelphia, Destination D.C., and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. The cooperative support from all the entities involved has been essential in Bandwango’s development of multi-state passes that tell the story of the Whiskey Rebellion and provide visitors an avenue to experience the award-winning craft spirit scene.

By joining together, the destination marketing organizations, distilleries and cultural institutions included in this trail have created a meaningful story that transcends their individual allure and creates a new reason to visit iconic travel destinations. 

Though The Whiskey Rebellion Trail has just launched, the collaborative minds behind the project are hopeful that the passes will assist in diversifying their destination offerings and provide a platform for the historically significant and award-winning distilling scene in the mid-Atlantic to be celebrated by visitors and locals alike. 

With passes that range from $25 to $149, the economic impact of this partnership will be felt across three states, proving once and for all that when destinations work together to enhance the visitor experience the benefits outweigh the price of competition. 

The Whiskey Rebellion Trail is always looking to enhance offerings to visitors. If you’re interested in working on this collaborative project and taking your cultural facility or distillery to the next level, contact the Advisory Committee Co-Chairs, Meredith Meyer Grelli at meredith@wiglewhiskey.com and Teresa DeFlitch at teresa@wiglewhiskey.com.

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