Summer’s not over yet…

If you think we are going to spend the last few days of summer drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, you are mistaken. We have put together a list of favorite patios on the Whiskey Rebellion Trail to enjoy delicious beverages while soaking up the last of the summer heat. We recommend checking out the Whiskey Tasting Passes before you adventure to these patios. You will discover deals and discounts at the best distilleries and historical experiences in the region.

Old Line Spirit

Relax and enjoy Old Line outdoors in the newly renovated courtyard bar. With a wide-range of seating arrangement, including barrels, picnic tables, lounge chairs, and more, there is room for groups of all sizes. Children and well-behaved dogs (on leash) are always welcome as well.

Sagamore Spirit

This world-class waterfront distillery is located in Baltimore’s Port Covington neighborhood. Join us for a drink at our Whiskey Bar, Nineteen ‘O Nine, or stop with friends and family for our monthly summer series, Whiskey on the Waterfront! Learn more about Sagamore Spirit’s events and experiences here.

Cotton & Reed


Enjoy Cotton & Reed’s award winning cocktails and frozen beverages on the patio next to Union Market in Washington DC. This rum embraces the quirks and complexities of each source ingredient, using wild yeast strains and gentle hand distillation in the custom still to bring out the richest flavors each plant has to offer. We can promise you this is not like that rum you used to drink back in sophomore year.

Again, we encourage you to check out the Whiskey Rebellion Trail Passes before embarking on your tasting adventure this weekend. Don’t forget to share your favorite patio on social media and tag @WhiskeyRebellionTrail.


Visit distilleries websites to stay up to date on COVID protocols and closures.

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