We made it to the unofficial start of summer! That means sunshine, long days, and adventures are here to stay. You can’t say summer nights without a cold one from the cooler so we are here to help freshen up your choices.

Looking for the perfect drink for grilling on the patio this weekend? Whether you are spending your weekend chillin on the porch, or preparing for a big adventure a refreshing canned cocktail is in order. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on everything in a can from seltzer to a spicy marg. These canned beverages are as convenient as they are delicious and are perfect for the unofficial beginning of summer. We may even argue, to-go beverages are the best thing to come out of 2020. 

Personal Day Seltzer

Maggie’s Farm Rum has created a new vodka-based hard seltzer that comes in four real-fruit flavors lemon, lime, grapefruit, and pineapple. Learn more here!

Tenth Ward Distilling Canned Cocktails

Tenth Ward Distilling has become widely known for their creative canned cocktails. This women-owned distillery has created three flavors that are perfect for your cooler this summer.

  • Corpse Reviver no.10
  • Smoked Whiskey Sour
  • Smokey Jalapeno Marg

Learn more here!

Maggie's Farm Rum Canned Cocktails

These unique canned cocktails can be picked up from the distillery. Be on the look out for new and refreshing flavors every time you stop by. Learn more here!

Boardroom Spirits Canned Cocktails

Boardroom Spirits just released the brand new Vodka Iced Tea to go along with their canned collection of Moscow Mules, Cranberry Lime Vodka Sodas, and Grapefruit Citrus Vodka Sodas. Build your custom case here!

What are you waiting for? Pick your cocktails up, throw them in the cooler, and go enjoy your weekend! Cheers!

Enjoy our canned cocktail reccomendations? Looking for something else to spice up your beverages this summer? Check out our blog about bitters here!

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