The Mid-Atlantic might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of celebrating National Margarita Day, but we’ve got news for you: margaritas with a twist are worth trying out. Here are a few places in Greater Philadelphia where you can try innovative spirits and different takes on this South-of-the-border classic. We recommend snagging our 90-Day Taste of Philly & Beyond passport for the best sipping experience at these four locations and many others included in the past. 

1. Boardroom Spirits’ Triple Sec 

Everyone knows the best margaritas are made with Triple Sec, and Boardroom Spirits makes some of the best. This beautifully balanced orange liqueur is infused with real oranges and then naturally sweetened. Not too sweet, not too dry, this triple sec mixes into the perfect margarita (or any other citrus-y drink you fancy).


2. Eight Oaks Farm Distillery’s Ocho Robles Spirit of Agave

So, unfortunately, this spirit doesn’t return until Summer 2020, but take that as a testament to its deliciousness and charm. Blue Weber Agave arrives at the distillery before being mashed, cooked and distilled into a floral and spicy spirit. Perfect in a shot glass or in a margarita glass. Either way, get ready to suck on a lime afterwards.


3. Bluebird Distilling’s Agave Blanco Salvaje 

Agave is as elusive as it is tasty, and luckily Bluebird Distilling was able to wrangle a source of the syrup from a farm in southern Mexico to create this spirit with earthy cardamon, black pepper and butterscotch. It’s so good it almost can’t be described, but we will say that it’s an amazing hybrid between tequila and mezcal that’s filled to the brim with character.


4. Rowhouse Spirits’ Poitin Caipirinha

Okay, you caught us… This isn’t actually a margarita or a cocktail made with the traditional spirit, but it is delicious and is a refreshing cousin to the margarita we had to include. One taste of the perfectly paired lime and citrus in this cocktail and you’ll know why it’s the most commonly distilled drink in Brazil.


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