Drinking and doing good? We have three distilleries that are making it possible.

Undoubtedly, there was much to celebrate this month with Pride, Juneteenth, the pandemic slowing down.  The creativity has been at an all time high with celebrating the black and LGBTQ communities. Many distillers are passionate about equality for all. McClintock Distilling, Republic Restoratives, and Wigle Whiskey have shown their support for the LGBTQ and black communities the best way they know how; through their craft spirits. Let us introduce the craft spirits allowing us to drink craft beverages and do good.

McClintock Distilling


McClintock Distilling released the second edition of the Black is Beautiful Spirit on June 19th. The spirit was released at the distillery and through Black-Owned restaurants and retailers in Maryland and DC.  This spirit is part of the international Black is Beautiful initiative from Weathered Souls Brewery in San Antonio. Additionally, this spirit is a collaborative effort using the Weathered Souls Imperial Stout recipe.  First brewed by Idiom Brewing in Downtown Frederick then distilled, aged in a new cooperage oak barrel, and infused with Dark Chocolate Cacao nibs by us. One hundred percent of the sales of this product is donated to the Maryland ACLU from McClintock Distilling and partner distributor, Bacchus Importers LLC. Learn more here!

Republic Restoratives


As an LGBTQ-led company, Republic Restoratives is passionate about not just slapping a label on their brand and calling it support. Civic Pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

 was born out of the frustration with seeing so many brands placate the LGBTQ community and our allies with rainbow-wrapped products while supporting organizations and politicians that directly harm the LGBTQ community.  Additionally, this vodka is distilled exclusively from North American corn and patiently charcoal filtered for a crisp flawless finish. Civic is an American craft vodka of the highest standard. This vodka is creamy and slightly sweet with a dry finish. Nevertheless, proceeds from every bottle sold will be donated directly to Whitman-Walker Health, DC’s community health organization that specializes in healthcare for LGBTQ communities & those living with HIV. Learn more here!

Wigle Whiskey


Wigle Wiskey introduced their Castro St. Rum at the beginning of June to celebrate Pride month. Proceeds from these bottles benefit their partner Gay for Good. Gay for Good volunteers and dedicates themselves to social welfare and environmental service projects. Additionally, the beautiful label was designed by Meredith Stafford-Chapman. The immensely talented artist has worked at the Warhol Museum, Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL, and the Frye Museum in Seattle, WA. “Since Castro Street is so iconic, I wanted to incorporate the actual street sign itself. The colors that radiate out from the street sign are symbolic of the Pride flag. The Castro District has been a safe haven for the LGBTQIA+ community for decades and I hope my design reflects the history, spirit, and appreciation for all those who have come before us.” – Meredith Stafford-Chapman Learn more here!

We are proud supporters of our partners have created these spirits for the LGBT and black communities. Distilleries have gone above and beyond this month to create inclusive craft beverages and we encourage you to keep doing good this summer! Enjoy your new cocktail creations!

Looking for more craft cocktails to drink this summer? Look no further!

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