The Whiskey Rebellion Trail is brimming with fall spirits and cocktails during the month of October. Our distilleries sure do know how to wrangle the flavors of fall, including pumpkin, apple, maple, and more into sophisticated bottled spirits and hand-crafted cocktails. Now is one of the best times of year to explore the Whiskey Rebellion Trail, taste (f)all it has to offer, and stock up on spirits for the holiday season.

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But before you head out, we’ve attached some of our seasonal favorites for you to browse below.

Fall Bottles to Try this Season

Wigle Whiskey’s Spiced Liqueur

This liqueur encompasses everything you love about pumpkin spice and willi nfuse the taste of autumn into your favorite seasonal drinks such as coffee, tea, or apple cider. The Spiced Liqueur starts with a base of Wigle’s made from scratch wheat whiskey and is then steeped with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, and just the right amount of sugar.

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Tenth Ward Distillery’s Autumn Liqueur

Released every fall, Autumn Liqueur starts with Tenth Ward’s original apple brandy and is melded with ginger, plum, black tea, turmeric, all spice, cinchona bark, sage, fennel, saffron, and honey.

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Maggie’s Farm Rum’s Pumpkin Spiced Coffee Liqueur

Made with real coffee that is locally roasted by Commonplace Coffee, Maggie’s Farm Rum’s Coffee Liqueur is infused with a select batch of pumpkin pie spices, perfect for sweater weather.

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Manatawny Stillworks’ Apple Brandy

Manatawny’s Stillworks’ Apple Brandy starts with freshly-pressed cider from apples proudly grown in Pennsylvania. Medium-bodied and pleasant-finishing, this Apple Brandy offers sweet apple and baking spices on the palate.

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Quantum Spirits’ Bottled Cinnamon Roll Old Fashioned

Ready to drink, just pour over ice! This bottled cocktail is a seasonal favorite and back by popular demand.

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Fall Cocktails Along the Trail

Old Line Spirits’ Fall Cocktails

A full menu of new fall cocktails just debuted at Old Line Spirits! Try a Maple Flag Cider made with Old Line Whiskey, A Trick or Treat with rum and pumpkin, or a cozy Campfire Old Fashioned!

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Tenth Ward’s October Canned Cocktail Release

The Spice is Right canned cocktails are perfect for entertaining guests and keeping the fridge stocked. Made with spiced rum, cider, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise and maple syrup. Yum!

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Liberty Pole Spirits’ Fall Cocktails

Four fresh cocktails are lined up and ready for you to try this October at Libery Pole Spirits – a bedecked Campfire Old Fashioned, Concord Crush, Ciderkin, and Black Manhattan.

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Sagamore Spirits’ Smokey Apple Marg

This one is made with Sagamore Spirit’s Mezcal Cask Aged Rye, apple cider, lime juice, orange liqueur, and maple syrup. Try one at the distillery before it is too late!

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Tall Pines Distillery’s Autumn on the Beach

Taste the crisp autumn air when you get your hands on this new cocktail available at Tall Pines Distillery!

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