As people everywhere adjust to life during isolation due to COVID-19, our partners along the Whiskey Rebellion Trail have pivoted strategies as well. From virtual tours of historic sites like the Museum of the American Revolution and George Washington’s Mount Vernon to pre-made cocktail mixes that allow locals to be mixologists in their own homes, creativity has been key in getting through this crisis. However, the most important shift has come from partner distilleries along the trail distilling hand sanitizer for first responders and those in need. Our partners are going above and beyond for their local communities by crafting up a cocktail more sought after than any other.

With shortages in sanitizers, cleaners and other goods that can safeguard against disease, first responders, hospitals, grocery stores and essential workers are struggling to keep up with the demands of the new normal. Distilleries along the trail are answering this call and pivoting their strategy to meet the needs of these heroes. 

Ways to Help 

What our partners need most is your support of their business. Purchase a pass along the trail or buy a bottle from them online. Each dollar you put towards their community ensures they’ll continue helping in this crisis (and distilling delicious beverages well after). A few others have posted additional ways you help: 

Eight Oaks Farm DistilleryEvery dollar you donate means a bottle of hand sanitizer will go to mission-critical organizations in Greater Philadelphia. Check it out here

Hewn Spirits – Hewn Spirits is offering you the chance to buy one hand sanitizer and give one to first responders. Pretty much the best BOGO this side of Philly. 

Pennsylvania Distilling Company – These guys have run out of vodka, but they’re working on distilling hand sanitizer, so in the meantime they’re encouraging everyone to buy white rum. Deal?

Quantum Spirits – Unfortunately, they’re not able to sell hand sanitizer to the public, but every bottle purchase helps keep the lights on so they can keep pumping it out. Purchase a bottle via their online store.

Ridge Runner Distillery – Skyrocketing supply costs make producing sanitizer pricey business. Help out your friends at Ridge Runner Distillery who are supplying first responders and those in need in the Philly community with a donation.  

Cotton & Reed – Grab your bottle of sanitizer from the pick-up window in DC along with a bottle of booze. You’ll need both, but for VERY different reasons. 

Don Ciccio & FigliPre-order your bottle of hand sanitizer here to ensure you smell just like the Amalfi Coast this quarantine. 

New Columbia Distillers – The distillery is giving back to the city that has given them so much by donating hand sanitizer by the truckload to first responders. Help them (and others) by donating at the link they shared.

Celebrating Partner Generosity 

There are so many other partner heroes along our trail. Their stories have been told in beautiful, unique and inspiring ways. Read on for more information about our partners are helping their communities: 

P.S. Did we miss one? Please e-mail to rectify that immediately. We appreciate all of the distilleries along our trail, our customers and our partners. Hang in there, everyone! 

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