The Whiskey Rebellion’s last rebels had their day in court and protesting ceased throughout the Mid-Atlantic, but whiskey would have another enemy to face soon. Prohibition would threaten to wipe out an age-old recipe, and with limited distillery record keeping, rye, especially in places of popularity like Maryland, lost much of its unusual flavor. Luckily, master distillers were determined to bring it back to life and dedicated themselves to honing the long-forgotten recipe after hundreds of years. Taste a bit of history when you order a pour of Maryland Rye, which lives on in the region due to modern day ingenuity and a commitment to tradition.

Included Distilleries
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  • Old Line Spirits – Spirit Flight Voucher
  • Sagamore Spirit – Distillery Tour with Tasting
  • Tenth Ward Distilling Company – Spirit Flight Voucher

Included Distilleries and Venues

Baltimore Spirits Company

Copper pot stills. Open top wooden fermentation. Unique geothermal cooling. Our distillery is a mix of state-of-the art and old world distilling, designed to create the most expressive spirits possible.

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Old Line Spirits

After more than a decade of flying off of aircraft carriers and being stationed all over the world, they independently decided to settle down in the mid-Atlantic to focus on family, but ended up in the same Navy reserve Prowler squadron. Coincidentally, they were neighbors in Baltimore as well; Mark working in finance and Arch in engineering. With a healthy stint of travel and adventure behind them, sitting still in their new civilian desk jobs just wasn’t enough. Their shared love of whiskey and, at the time, a dearth of craft distilleries in Maryland led them to their true calling: starting their own distillery.

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Sagamore Spirit

Baltimore is a place for risk-takers and history-makers. Visit us in Port Covington to see how we honor that spirit! You’ll learn about the famed history of Rye Whiskey in Maryland, see our 40-foot mirrored-finished copper column still, and taste three of our award-winning whiskies. Tours last about an hour and are led by our knowledgeable and fun Guest Experience Teammates. Our world-class waterfront distillery is directly off I-95 a short drive from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We can’t wait to share our spirit with you.

  • Distillery Tour with Tasting

Tenth Ward Distilling Company

Tenth Ward Distilling Company is a woman owned micro-distillery located in the heart of downtown Frederick, Maryland.

Specializing in whiskey, brandy, seasonal liqueurs and absinthe, we pride ourselves on challenging the traditional style of distillation while making a product which flavor profile is influenced by our local ingredients.

The name “Tenth Ward” is a reference to the way Frederick City was divided during the late 19th century. Our distillery is located in what used to be considered the Tenth Ward. Drafted at the Frederick Historic Society, the map to the left depicts the boundaries of Frederick’s Tenth Ward in 1873.

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