Whether you’re a local looking to explore your backyard or a roadtripper planning a journey back in time, this pass is the perfect way to toast The Whiskey Rebellion and experience the historic moments of the 1700’s for yourself. There is no better way to discover the Mid-Atlantic than to sample its spirits, from gin to rum to the spirit that inspired a resistance, whiskey. Stop along the historic trail into museums, festivals, tours and more to learn about this amazing time in American history and to sample the age-old recipes recovered and brought back to life by master distillers. Here in the Mid-Atlantic we call this movement the rebirth, but whiskey’s in our blood. It’s what makes this place home, and we’re happy to share it with you if only for 90 days.

THE Rebirth Essentials

Senator John Heinz History Center

Explore Pittsburgh’s rich tradition of innovation and discover 250 years of Western Pennsylvania history at the Senator John Heinz History Center, Pennsylvania’s largest history museum and a proud affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. Enjoy six floors of changing exhibitions that present the most compelling stories from American history with a Western Pennsylvania connection in an interactive environment perfect for visitors of all ages.

  • General Admission: Includes admission to the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, the Detre Library & Archives, and all exhibitions at the History Center. 

Wigle whiskey distillery

Get yourselves to the heart of distillation. This landmark distillery re-ignited the craft spirits tradition in Pittsburgh. A twice nominated James Beard Semi-Finalist and 4 years running as the most awarded craft whiskey distillery in the country, by the American Craft Spirits Association, the tour at Wigle pairs the quirky history of the Whiskey Rebellion with distillation knowledge, cocktails and a flight of their whiskeys and innovative spirits. Visiting Wigle is a Must-Do in the Pittsburgh region.

  • Distillery Tour OR Spirit Flight Voucher OR Cocktail Voucher: Tours available every Saturday at 11 AM. The tour includes a cocktail, a hands-on tour of our distillation process, a history of the Whiskey Rebellion told through the eyes of our namesake Philip Wigle, and a seated tasting of straight spirits. The total length of the tour is 1 hour.

Maggie's Farm Rum

Allegheny Distilling is an urban distillery located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh and maker of Maggie’s Farm Rum, the first commercially-available Pennsylvania-made craft rum since Prohibition. Maggie’s Farm is more about what it isn’t, a corporate entity where marketing gimmicks and bottom lines trump taste and quality. Maggie’s Farm is an independent craft distillery founded without the support of banks or venture capitalists.

All of our rums are distilled from turbinado, a raw cane, rather than molasses and pot-distilled for body and flavor on 100% copper Spanish-made stills. We produce our rums using Caribbean-derived yeasts with long fermentation times for high ester production. Even our white rums are lightly aged for additional smoothness and ester development. All of our aged rums are now pushing two years old and aged in neutral rum casks, same as most Caribbean distillers do, to preserve the flavors and aromas produced by tertiary esterification. This is in contrast to the sometimes overly oaky flavors produced by new charred or ex-whiskey casks used by most American craft rum distillers. And all of our stills and manufacturing processes are on display right behind the cocktail bar in our distillery’s tasting room located in Pittsburgh’s industrial Strip District, so you know exactly where your rums are coming from.

  • Spirit Flight Voucher

Bradford House Museum

Step over the threshold of the Bradford House Museum, a National Historic Landmark, and into imagined life in late 18th century America—the scurry of servants, the sighs of the master, David Bradford, as he writes at his desk, the hushed chatter of ladies examining a bolt of crimson silk. Docents dressed in 18th century clothing entertain and inform as they detail the structure and hint at the intrigues of the Whiskey Rebellion. From its thick stone walls, mahogany bannister, and 14-foot ceilings to its Chippendale and Hepplewhite furnishings, the house is magnificent.

It is the doings of the Whiskey Rebellion (a grassroots challenge to the newly-formed federal government), though, that provide the mystique. Did David Bradford and his colleagues really examine stolen mail at the dining room table? Why is a portrait of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton hanging upside down over the mantle in the tavern display, and why did the federal government not strive to protect its frontier citizens from American Indian attacks? Think on these things as you meander the brick path through a garden of daffodils, thyme, and edible nasturtiums on your way to the log cookhouse, with its visions of churning butter and roasting meat. This is living history!

Additionally, the Bradford House Museum is located on the Historic National Road, and within blocks of the museum, there are two whiskey distilleries, a craft beer distillery and a winery. So, come spend the day in downtown Washington, PA, as we remember the Whiskey Rebellion.

  • General Admission

Liberty Pole Spirits

In 1791, one of the first American Industries was born: Whiskey.

For years, the grain that wasn't consumed was preserved in the form of distilled spirits. It was safer to drink than contaminated water and improved the spirits of friends and neighbors. Through the imposition of an excise tax on whiskey, the grain farmers used their whiskey to barter for goods. Whiskey-making provided their best chance to survive, which is why farmers secretly met and vowed to stick together and not pay the tax. These farmers called themselves the Mingo Creek Society and planted Liberty Poles throughout the county where years later, they are preserved as a story of their defiance. Today, the Liberty Pole is displayed on the label of each whiskey bottle we create, distilled in the famous Mingo Creek Meetinghouse, symbolizing the loving appreciation for a craft that once again brings livelihood to a proud community.

  • Tasting Flight Voucher

West Overton Village & Museums

Take in the heritage and discover the impact of Western Pennsylvania farmers on modern American Whiskey in our educational distillery. This stop on the American Whiskey Trail will engage your senses as we show you the process from seed to sip! Step onto the grounds and into the past, as you're surrounded by 20 historic buildings set on over 30 of the original acres Abraham Overholt, his wife Maria, and their 8 children owned and managed.

Visit this intact pre-civil war village located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands. On our docent-led tours, you will see and learn about the original structures dating to 1803 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • General Admission
  • $5 Off $25 Purchase

Golden Eagle Inn

The Golden Eagle Inn, built by Dr. John Anderson in 1794, was first known as the Anderson Mansion. As the first brick building built in Bedford, it is also one of the oldest buildings in the downtown and is on the National Register of Historic Places. As an inn it has been known as many titles; the Pennsylvania House, the Farmers’ House, and the National House before finally being named the Golden Eagle (after a tavern that was once in the basement).

In the 1800’s the Inn became a fixture of Bedford’s annual agricultural fair housing the people who came in from the surrounding areas with their animals. Livestock was stabled in the back of the inn, while the farmers stayed at the inn while conducting business and trade in town. As it focused on hospitality and good food, it remained open as an inn until the mid-1960’s when the owner closed it to the public and used it as a private residence.

Jack and Orallee Kiefer bought the inn in 1990 and restored it to its current elegance. After more then 20 years, Oralee decided to retire.  In July of 2013, the Helsel family, along with their husbands took ownership of the grand building. Today, we at the Golden Eagle are excited to invite the public through her doors to share in the buildings history and her future.

  • Whiskey Flight Voucher
  • 25% Off Overnight Stay

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Open 365 days of the year, Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in America. Over 85 million people have visited Mount Vernon since 1860, when the estate officially opened to the public. The estate, gardens, and farm of Mount Vernon totaled some 8,000 acres in the 18th century. Presently, an estimated 500 acres of this historic property have been painstakingly preserved along the banks of the Potomac River.

Visit fully functioning reconstructions of George Washington's Distillery® and Gristmill, located 2.7 miles from the estate’s main entrance. Watch the mighty gears turning and the stones grinding at our Gristmill, where Washington produced flour and cornmeal. Within our functioning distillery, you can see where we make George Washington's whiskey. In 1799, it was one of the largest whiskey distilleries in America. Open to the public from April through October. Tickets are included with general admission.

  • General Admission Including Tour of Distillery

One Eight Distilling

One Eight Distilling is named for Article One Section Eight of the Constitution, which among other things provided for the establishment of a district to serve as the nation’s capital. This connection to history and tradition informs our founding values: we use local ingredients to create the bold flavors of our region for the people who take no shortcuts.

  • Distillery Tour with Tasting

Republic Restoratives Distillery

Republic Restoratives stands for community, authenticity and most of all friendship. We believe that cocktails create community, and that you, our customers, are at the core of what we do and why we do it. Our goal is to create experiences where people feel as connected to Republic Restoratives and to our products as they do to one another.

  • Cocktail Voucher
  • 10% Off Bottled Spirits and Merchandise

Sagamore Spirit

Baltimore is a place for risk-takers and history-makers. Visit us in Port Covington to see how we honor that spirit! You’ll learn about the famed history of Rye Whiskey in Maryland, see our 40-foot mirrored-finished copper column still, and taste three of our award-winning whiskies. Tours last about an hour and are led by our knowledgeable and fun Guest Experience Teammates. Our world-class waterfront distillery is directly off I-95 a short drive from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We can’t wait to share our spirit with you.

  • Distillery Tour with Tasting

BlueBird Distilling

Bluebird Distilling is an award winning grain-to-glass distillery located in historic Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. All of our spirits are distilled on site using our state-of the-art hybrid copper still. We are made up of fun, passionate people dedicated to creating world-class spirits and enjoying life.

  • Spirit Flight Voucher

Manatawny Still Works Distillery & Tasting Room

Flowing gently through humanity's hustle and bustle, Manatawny Creek is an 18 mile tributary of a hidden river that stretches beyond the city and into the sea. Manatawny is a vital waterway for the people that live and work in the area. The earliest Americans named this unique place with a word that literally means "the place we meet to drink" and, in a similar spirit, Manatawny Still Works has named our effort after this very special place.

  • Distillery Tour OR Whiskey Flight Voucher
  • 10% Off Merchandise

Philadelphia Distilling

Hand-hammered copper stills from the fifth-generation Forsyth family and wooden fermentation vessels from Hall-Woodford, an iconic Philadelphia-based family business using the building technique since 1854, are a key point of difference for us—both in their construction value as well as the integrity of spirits they help us to produce. After celebrating our first decade by moving into a new showcase distillery, we continue our batch-by-batch process, turning out spirits that celebrate big, bold American flavor.

  • Spirit Flight Voucher

Museum of the American Revolution

The Museum of the American Revolution explores the dynamic story of the American Revolution using its rich collection of Revolutionary-era weapons, personal items, letters, diaries, and works of art. Immersive galleries, theater experiences, and recreated historical environments bring to life the events, people, and ideals of our nation’s founding.

  • General Admission

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

Dad’s Hat is built on a legacy of over 200 years of tradition. Their aim is to work with members of their communities and give back to the greater whiskey-loving public. Their products are steeped in history, from the tall, vintage style bottle to the quality, aromatic whiskey inside it. This rye whiskey, rooted in Pennsylvania, is phenomenal for mixing in a cocktail or sipping straight.

  • Distillery Tour