We’re all spending more time indoors this season. Whether you’re looking to fill the silence in your home while cooking, or searching for something to play while you make a cross-country drive to visit friends and family, we think the best solution are podcasts. If you, like us, didn’t pay attention in history class, or are looking for some interesting facts to share the next time you’re caught in a room with strangers (when will that be, by the way?!) – we’ve got you covered. Here are some whiskey history podcast recommendations our fans are sure to enjoy.

Stuff You Should Know: How Whiskey Runners Worked – Running moonshine makes for 36 minutes of interesting content you should know. Plus, this podcast is a classic!

Political Scandals: Whiskey Ring – Ulysses S. Grant has some explaining to do… particularly when it comes to a legendary spirit business scam. This podcast unpacks it. 

Gastropod: The Secret History of the Slave Behind Jack Daniels Whiskey – How did Jack Daniels learn how to make his famous whiskey? One historian tracks down evidence…

The Dead Men of Whiskey: Elijah Craig – The Father of Bourbon gets thoroughly unriddled in this podcast exploring his contributions to the world of whiskey. 

Stuff You Missed in History Class: The Whiskey Rebellion – Of course we had to include a Whiskey Rebellion episode. Who do you think we are?


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