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The Rebirth

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The Order


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The Rebellion


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The Finale


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The Resolution

Washington D.C.

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The Order – Philadelphia

Clink! went the wine glasses along the eastern seaboard, toasting a new nation and the first seat of government. Comfortable in Philadelphia, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton orchestrate the first excise tax in American history from this historic destination and watch as anger spreads throughout…

The Rebellion – Pittsburgh

In 1794 the grumblings about The Whiskey Rebellion became an outright coup to overthrow the tax using force. You won’t find whiskey neat here – this region serves up the spirit with an edge of non-conformity. A wild streak passed down from generation to generation beginning with One Terrible Night and rebels rounded up for treason. This is the region where the rebellion was put down, but it hasn’t been forgotten….

The Finale – Baltimore

In December 1794 the rebellion was all but over; after last stands in modern day Baltimore 20 men awaited justice for their crimes of treason against the newly formed government. The Rebellion was put down but the region’s contribution to American whiskey survives in the region’s museums and craft distilleries.

The Resolution – Washington DC

Government regulation and interference had long term effects on American spirits, disrupting distilling practices throughout the mid-Atlantic. To this day, much of modern-day distilling is influenced by The Whiskey Rebellion and by the Prohibition that followed. The thing that remains? A commitment to delicious liquors distilled in the spirit of rebellion.