When The Whiskey Rebellion came to a close, distilling continued throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Even George Washington took up the trade, opening his own distillery which still stands to this day. Taste legendary flights in Washington, DC, and enjoy the history that accompanies age-old styles of spirit making. Flights, tasters and tours of historic grounds make these passes the perfect weekend guide, so drink up as you follow along. We’ll pour you a glass.

Included Distilleries
  • Cotton and Reed – Tasting Flight Voucher
  • Don Ciccio & Figli – Spirit Flight Voucher
  • New Columbia Distillers – Cocktail Voucher
  • One Eight Distilling – Distillery Tour with Tasting
  • Republic Restoratives – Distillery Tour with Tasting OR Cocktail Voucher + 10% Off Bottled Spirits and Merchandise
Included Cultural Institutions
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon – General Admission Including Tour of Distillery
  • Peirce Mill
  • Smithsonian National Museum of American History – Admission is Always Free

Included Distilleries and Venues

Cotton & Reed

Co-founders Reed Walker and Jordan Cotton became friends while working as strategists for NASA and the aerospace industry. They discovered a shared passion for spirits at work happy hours, and decided to leave their desk jobs to start a distillery called Cotton & Reed. Under the direction of veteran barman Lukas B. Smith, Cotton & Reed is now serving award-winning cocktails at the distillery tasting room next to Union Market. Look for our products at bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across DC.

  • Tasting Flight Voucher

Don Ciccio & Figli

From the picturesque Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy to historic Washington D.C., an Italian family’s legacy steeped in rich tradition lives on through the launch of Don Ciccio & Figli. Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Amodeo, President and Master Distiller, began his journey in the hospitality industry as a young boy growing up in the quaint town of Furore, Italy along the Amalfi Coast where the majority of his family members served as some of the most celebrated and respected chefs, winemakers, and artisanal liqueur purveyors. Francesco’s career in the hospitality industry began in earnest at a resort in his hometown. Rising quickly through the ranks, Amodeo went on to acquire specialized industry certifications.

Armed with this training and a wealth of family history, Francesco left Italy for D.C. to make his mark in the American hospitality industry. Amodeo broke into the D.C. hospitality industry with coveted management positions at prestigious culinary establishments including Butterfield 9, Hook, and Bibiana. Rather than limit himself to one restaurant, Amodeo took a leap of faith, and left Bibiana so that he could concentrate all of his time and energy into creating his artisanal ‘Rosoli’ and Amari line featuring sweet and savory seasonal flavors, aperitivi and Amari giving way to the birth of Don Ciccio & Figli in Washington D.C.

  • Spirit Flight Voucher

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Open 365 days of the year, Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in America. Over 85 million people have visited Mount Vernon since 1860, when the estate officially opened to the public. The estate, gardens, and farm of Mount Vernon totaled some 8,000 acres in the 18th century. Presently, an estimated 500 acres of this historic property have been painstakingly preserved along the banks of the Potomac River.

Visit fully functioning reconstructions of George Washington's Distillery® and Gristmill, located 2.7 miles from the estate’s main entrance. Watch the mighty gears turning and the stones grinding at our Gristmill, where Washington produced flour and cornmeal. Within our functioning distillery, you can see where we make George Washington's whiskey. In 1799, it was one of the largest whiskey distilleries in America. Open to the public from April through October. Tickets are included with general admission.

  • General Admission Including Tour of Distillery

New Columbia Distillers

New Columbia Distillers is a family business owned by Michael Lowe and his wife, Melissa Kroning and John Uselton and his wife, Elizabeth Lowe.

John and Michael come to their passion for craft distilling by wearing many hats in the restaurant and liquor business—not to mention the military and legal worlds. From Houston to Boston to Washington, John has worked in all capacities of front-of-house restaurant work—from humble busboy to award-winning bar- tender to savvy manager. Michael spent a couple of years on a Navy submarine and a few more at private DC law firms. He retired from the law in 2008, bought himself several cocktail books and started investigating the art and science of distilling.

  • Cocktail Voucher

One Eight Distilling

One Eight Distilling is named for Article One Section Eight of the Constitution, which among other things provided for the establishment of a district to serve as the nation’s capital. This connection to history and tradition informs our founding values: we use local ingredients to create the bold flavors of our region for the people who take no shortcuts.

  • Distillery Tour with Tasting

Peirce Mill

Isaac Peirce built Peirce Mill on Rock Creek in 1829. Using the moving water as a power source, the mill ground corn, wheat, and rye. Succeeding generations further developed the mill, sawmill, orchard, and tree nursery. Before the Civil War, slaves provided much of the labor on the 960 acre property. In 1890, an act of Congress incorporated the mill and 350 acres of the property into Rock Creek Park. The mill operated until the turbine's shaft broke in 1897.

Republic Restoratives Distillery

Republic Restoratives stands for community, authenticity and most of all friendship. We believe that cocktails create community, and that you, our customers, are at the core of what we do and why we do it. Our goal is to create experiences where people feel as connected to Republic Restoratives and to our products as they do to one another.

  • Cocktail Voucher
  • 10% Off Bottled Spirits and Merchandise

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

The National Museum of American History is home to more than 1.8 million objects and more than three shelf-miles of archival collections. On behalf of the nation, we preserve and share the extraordinary national collections encompassing everything for the original Star Spangled Banner to Abraham Lincoln’s top hat; from the first computer bug to the first artificial heart; from Dizzy Gillespie’s angled trumpet to Dorthy’s ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. Our archival collections include a remarkable array of American history in documents, photographs, and other works, including major holding on the histories of American business and music.

Through incomparable collections, rigorous research, and dynamic public outreach, the museum explores the infinite richness and complexity of American history.

Our artifacts form a fascinating mosaic of American life and comprise the greatest single collection of American history in the world. Those interested in exploring the history of the Whiskey Rebellion can turn their attention to the exhibition, The Price of Freedom: Americans at War, where we have several objects on display that relate to this historical event. The Price of Freedom surveys the history of American’s military from the French and Indain Wars to the present conflict in the Middle East, Exploring ways in which wars have been defining episodes in American history. The exhibition features George Washington’s sword and scabbard, which he wore as a general and commander in chief of the Continental army and also during his presidency. The last time Washington wore this sword, he led 13,000 federal militiamen to Western Pennsylvania to quash the rebellion in the fall of 1794. By the time the militia arrived, the whiskey tax protesters had disbanded and no military confrontation occurred. Washington’s efforts to demonstrate the strength of the federal government and its ability to stifle internal rebellion through a federal militia had succeeded.

  • Admission to the Museum is Always Free