2021 Whiskey Gift Guide

It’s the end of yet another crazy year, and local businesses need our support now more than ever. This gift guide is a collection from local businesses along the Whiskey Rebellion Trail who could use your support this holiday season! Of course, you could always gift your friends and family a bottle of your favorite spirits, but this year certainly calls for an out-of-the-box gift. Scope out the suggestions below that are available for purchase in online stores near you! (We don’t earn commissions on your purchases. We’re just helping out our friends!)

  1. Manatawny Stillworks Script Logo Scarf – $27

Get a Manatawny whiskey lover something to bundle up with during the winter months, or maybe just keep it for yourself! This scarf keeps you warm while supporting Manatawny, ‘nuff said. Did we mention they have beanies too?

  1. Stoll & Wolfe Whiskey Distillery Tasting Glass – $10

Have a friend that needs a little nudge to class up their cocktail bar? Get them something they will know was designed by professionals for professionals. With the tapered mouth, you are able to really smell all of the nuances the whisky has to offer. The Glencairn Whisky Glass is the tasting glass used by Whiskey Distilleries across Scotland, Ireland, Wales as well as most in the USA. 

  1. One Eight Distilling “Chemically Speaking” T-Shirt – $15.90

This shirt is sure to get the conversation going, and focused on the most important solutions – Whiskies. It’s also perfect for the true DC whiskey lover since One Eight Distilling uses local ingredients to create bold flavors.

  1. Private Tea and Tour of the Bradford House – $300 for 6 people

Know a whiskey rebellion history buff? This tour is perfect for the holidays with tea and 18th century style foods served beforehand. They even have child appropriate tours as well! Call or email to make reservations, must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

  1. Sip Holiday Box – $50

Get a spirit lover this ready-made cocktail box specially selected for the holiday season. Carefully crafted and expertly named, the Elf’s Knees with Ginzer American Gin and a dash of honey and lemon is sure to be a favorite on cold nights.

  1. Whiskey Rebellion Trail Passport – $35-$50

Buy now and your friends and family can use it throughout 2022! Find a passport on the site that you know someone is sure to love and use our gifting feature to send it to them virtually. You can even time when the gift is delivered, so there’s no need to wait until the last minute to purchase!

  1. West Overton Day to Night Sweatshirt – $32.00

Get your spouse a sweatshirt to cuddle up with all winter long. With a fuzzy fleece interior, it’s perfect for “borrowing” to binge the latest remake of your favorite show, or warming up next to the fire with a glass of your favorite spirit.

  1. Old Line Flask – $45

Get the whiskey lover in your life the perfect flask for whatever comes at them this season. This near unbreakable wide mouth flask can take whatever is thrown at it. It also pairs nicely with any Old Line Spirit. 

  1. Sagamore Spirit Dog Collar – $14.99

Don’t forget your furry friends this holiday season! Get them a collar that’ll have ‘em wagging for days!

  1. Republic Restoratives Distillery Crew T-Shirt – $20

Know someone in your life that just can’t help but try to disrupt the status quo? Then this is the gift for them! Founded by friends, women owned and led, funded by the community and unafraid of challenging convention, the folks at Republic Restoratives Distillery truly inhabit the spirit of the whiskey rebellion.

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