The *Gin* Comeback Is Real

The 70’s may have been the peak popularity for Gin but craft distilleries may have this spirit making a comeback. Gin is known for its unique flavor, versatility, and long standing popularity in the spirits world. While the popularity of the mainstream gins remains steady, the growth of local distilled gins can be attributed to creativity with flavors. We all may know this spirit for its earthy, botanical taste but distilleries are taking this to a new level. Liquor store sales are currently rising in purchases for this spirit. Why now, you may ask? 

Pink gin is gaining popularity with an aesthetic look and delicious hints of strawberry, grapefruit, or rose. Purple gin is known for the mystical color-changing effect with the addition of citrus. Green Hat Gin is notable for sticking with traditional flavors, while adding a modern twist. One of the most notable Green Hat bottles is the Citrus Floral, with a fresh vibe to the historical flavor. McClintock Distilling has created a “Gardener’s Gin” that uses a mix of lavender, cucumber, and hibiscus that is sure to make a refreshing cocktail for a hot summer day. Of course, if you prefer the traditional American gin for a refined palette, Liberty Gin and Boardroom Gin are the bottles for you. Whether you are looking for a new twist on a traditional drink or just sticking with the basics, here are a few local distilleries that can help you out: 

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