The summer heat is on while masks are coming off (Woop Woop!). Below a list of the perfect craft spirits to enjoy this summer. Whether you are cooling off on the patio or taking a wild adventure, these spirits are sure to keep you refreshed while life gets back to normal. Some of these spirits are just around for the season, so you better make your way to the nearest distillery or order one for delivery.

Our Favorites:

1675 Spirits Orange Cream Vodka – Nothing quite says summer like a cocktail that tastes like a popsicle. Pick up this refreshing orange flavored vodka and you will never get bored of the cocktail variations to pair with this blend!

Wigle Whiskey Absent MindedThe Green Beast is one of the most well-known absinthe cocktails and goes perfect with Wigle Whiskey’s Absent Minded. The name might sound fierce, but this cocktail is light and refreshing; just add cucumbers, simple syrup, and a hint of lime juice.

Philadelphia Distilling Bluecoat Gin for Seltzer Hand-crafted specifically to pair perfectly with your favorite seltzer (hard or not!). With flavors of citrus and refreshing yuzu, who could say no to spicing up their seltzer? This is what we have been waiting for.

Cotton & Reed White Rum– This light bodied rum with delicate mango and banana aroma is perfect for your favorite blended drink. Whether you are by a beach or just pretending to be, this rum is sure to get your imagination flowing.

Kingfly LimoncelloNot making the trip to the Amalfi Coast this summer? Well, one sip of Kingfly Limoncello and you’re there. This hand crafted spirit is sure to make your summer night one to remember…or maybe forget 😉

Sagamore Spirit Rye Straight Whiskey Not looking for fruity flavors? This whiskey will bring flavors of smooth dark chocolate paired with intense notes of black pepper and brown sugar. Don’t worry, there is a light hint of honey for balance. Enjoy in a cocktail or on the rocks, your choice!

Upcoming Releases:

Oldline American Single Malt– Oldline spirits is offering a very limited release of the American Single Malt – Madeira Cask Finish. Initially, you will taste notes of hazelnut, peach, and citrus were conveyed by the ex-wine barrel. These flavors are adding to the rich caramel, toffee, and nectarine of the single malt. This will undoubtedly be one of the most popular releases, and with only 100 bottles going to market this summer, it will go quick!

McClintock Distilling Black is Beautiful – The second version of the Black in Beautiful Spirit is a collaborative effort using the Weathered Souls Imperial Stout recipe.  First brewed by Idiom Brewing in Downtown Frederick then distilled, aged in a new cooperage oak barrel, and infused with Dark Chocolate Cacao nibs by McClintock Distilling.  One hundred percent of the sales of this product is donated to the Maryland ACLU from McClintock Distilling and partner distributor, Bacchus Importers LLC.

For more craft cocktails to enjoy this summer- check out our favorite canned cocktails!

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