Deck the halls with stellar holiday cocktails, sure to take the edge off of the holiday season. Now is the perfect time of year to visit the distilleries for warm hot toddies, sweet and cozy cookie and cocktail flights, and bottles flavored with the spirits of the season.

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But before you head out, we’ve attached some of our seasonal favorites for you to browse below.

Holiday Bottles to Try this Season

Tenth Ward Distilling Company’s Winter Liqueur

Imagine mulled wine, hot toddies, frankincense, myrrh, and a warm fireplace…mix that all up, throw it in a bottle and you’ve got Tenth Ward Distilling Company’s Winter Liqueur.

Stop into the distillery to pick up a bottle or browse Tenth Ward Distilling Company’s products online.


Quantum Spirits’ Bottled Cinnamon Roll Old Fashioned

Flasks of the Cinnamon Roll Old Fashioned are the perfect size for stuffing stocking and holiday gifting. When it comes to getting through the holiday season’s festivities, we recommend keeping one in hand or in pocket at all times!

Order online or pick up at the distillery!


Wigle Whiskey’s Northern Exposure

A crowd-pleasing and highly approachable bottle to share at all your festivities, Northern Exposure is aged for over 5 years in new American Oak and finished in former maple syrup barrels. It’s a light-bodied, sweet spirit, characterized by flavors of candied pecan, maple, cherrywood, and vanilla.

Pick up a bottle at the Distillery and browse Wigle Whiskey’s products.

Republic Restorative’s Bottled Negroni Cocktail

Traditionally, the Sbagliato cocktail, also known as the “Broken” Negroni, omits gin. Instead, it features only Campari, vermouth, and Proseco. The perfect gift for the White Lotus lover in your life!

Pick up the kit at the distillery today!

Holiday Cocktails Along the Trail

Liberty Pole Spirits December Cocktail Lineup

The December menu at Liberty Pole Spirits is fully stocked with favorites this month! Take a trip to the distillery and wind down from holiday shopping by sipping on one of these!


Maggie’s Farm Rum’s Personal Day Seltzer

Personal Day Seltzer’s first seasonal flavor release, Cran-gerine, is available at the distillery! Made with real tangerine, cranberry juice, sugar cane vodka and no added sugar.

Pick up yours today at Maggie’s Farm Rum.


Wigle Whiskey’s Holiday Cookie and Cocktail Flight

End your meal from the Wigle Distillery Kitchen on a sweet note, and experience Wigle’s 2022 Cookie + Cocktail Flight featuring:

  • Northern Exposure Old Fashioned + A Sugar Cookie⁠
  • Rudolph Whiskey Spiked Hot Cocoa + A Chocolate Snickerdoodle⁠
  • Cherry Bourbon “Shot” + An Amarena Cherry White Chocolate Cookie⁠

Visit the Distillery to try yours!


Sagamore Spirits’ Fig Old Fashioned

Giving classics a bit of a twist – that is how it’s done at Sagamore Spirits. Check out the recipe below to try this one at home and stock up on spirits at the distillery!

Fig Old Fashioned
2 oz. Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye Whiskey
0.5 oz dark brown sugar syrup*
2 dashes Sycophant bitters (orange and fig bitters)
1 dash Angostura bitters
Fig for garnish

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until cold. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish.


Maggie’s Farm Rum’s Partridge Cocktail

Made with Maggie’s Farm “50/50” dark rum, pear, apple, rosemary, habanero shrub, Peychaud’s, this one will have you singing while you sip. 

Try one today at Maggie’s Farm Rum.


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