Stream the best of whiskey and history right from your home while we wait out isolation’s end. After all, we’re not busy unless you count mixing up cocktails for virtual happy hours with friends and pouring ourselves whiskey neat after finishing up long days of homeschooling. We could all use a pick-me-up. Although we’d love to invite you back to our distilleries, that just can’t happen yet. So, in the meantime, swing by your favorite distillery (almost all of ours are offering curbside service!) and snag a bottle. Pour yourself a drink. And stream something good. 

Here are our recommendations: 

Remastered Streaming on Amazon Prime 

This series focuses on Tennessee makers telling the story of their craft, but the unmissable episode is actually the first. In the episode, Jeff Arnett, the seventh master distiller at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, talks through the 2017 launch of Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey. Take a step into the distillery and meet the people responsible for the spirits. 

Ken Burns: Prohibition Streaming on Netflix 

Fact: Ken Burns has never made a bad documentary, and this is no exception. Study the prohibition through the lens of time and watch as Ken Burns connects the period of time associated so closely with alcohol to suffrage, immigration and more. This four-part series connects history beautifully and showcases the importance of craft spirits to our nation. 

Scotch: A Golden Dream Streaming on Hulu 

This is a beautifully shot documentary that showcases the Scottish countryside in sweeping views. It also shows the building blocks of whiskey making and celebrates how craft spirits bring people together. The most moving part of the documentary is actually the interviews with the artisans who talk at length about their journey in crafting the perfect glass of Scotch. This documentary is a celebration for anyone who admires or loves craft spirits and their makers. 

The PodCask: A Podcast About Whiskey 

You can stream this wherever you usually find your podcasts. The hosts feel like old friends and they narrate their journey through the history of whiskey and various tastings they enjoy on the show. The hosts don’t take the journey too seriously, so it’s a fun way to learn more about your passion or pastime in a quick hour. We love it!

Hamilton Streaming on Disney+ 

(Available July 3) Obviously, this is a long-awaited release for a lot of reasons, but Alexander Hamilton’s policy and ambition drove many of the decisions made during the Whiskey Rebellion. Learn about Hamilton’s background, his political motivations and personal life in this adaptation of the Broadway hit. We recommend kicking back with a glass of whiskey to stream this one, specifically, if only because Hamilton’s stance on the federal government launched the rebellion our trail is named after. 

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